The Interior

It has three naves, divided by three rows of five pilasters in sandstone with sculptured decorations on the capitals. The difference in level with respect to the exterior can perhaps be explained by the builders’ intention to preserve the new construction at the same level as the previous basilica. Very little remains of the numerous works of art that once decorated the interior. At the end of the right nave, recently refurbished, the floor of the apse shows the remains of a mosaic of the twelfth century In the left nave, which is still the original construction, there are traces of frescoes from various periods. In the first span the walls are decorated with fifteenth century frescoes of the Lombard school. The second and third spans have interesting frescoes of the sixteenth century. The majestic vault of the central nave was rebuilt in 1487 by the architect Giacomo Da Candia of Pavia.