Basilica di San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro – Pavia
Saint Augustine’s tomb


The earliest news that we have of this Basilica dates to the year 604 AD. The building is not the original one. It follows another that was in early-Christian style, with simple columns and a wooden ceiling. The current Basilica, in Romanic-Lombard form, dates to the twelfth century. It was consecrated by Pope Innocent II in 1132. It inherited the name of “ciel d’oro” (golden sky) because the wooden ceiling of the early-Christian church was decorated with golden-coloured paint. It is mentioned by Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio.

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  1. sjacrane ha detto:

    Hi, I was maybe thinking about making a personal pilgrimage to the tomb of St Augustine which is located within your basilica. I am from the UK and unfortunately I do not speak Italian. I would like to know if the relics of St Augustine are ever on display at certain dates of the year or used for benediction. Or does this never happen? I am thinking of maybe visiting sometime this year, or if not then early next year. Are there any best times to visit St Augustine’s tomb, and are they any times that it wouldn’t be possible?

    Many Thanks.

    • webmaster ha detto:

      Good evening. The relics of St.Augustine are displayed only in august, from 24 to 28, and in april, in the days around the baptism of St.Augustine, on 24 april. The Basilica is always open.

  2. c_cilek19@yahoo.com ha detto:

    Hello, I am doing research on Boethius and I would like to visit his tomb this summer, in July. Is this possible? Also, are there other resources in Pavia (i.e. the site of his exile, artifacts, etc) that would be available to me? Thank you!

    • webmaster ha detto:

      Dear c_cilek19 many thanks for your question. The Basilica di San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro is always open, also in July, at the scheduled time. In Pavia we can suggest a visit to the Musei Civici. Best regards, Antonello Sacchi

  3. David Bass ha detto:

    Good day, I’m arriving on March 15/2018 in the afternoon, could you tell me how late the Basilica is open?
    Thank you

    • webmaster ha detto:

      dear mr Bass many thanks for your message.
      In the afternoon at 18.00 there is the prayer of the Holy Rosario and at 18.30 there is the Holy Mass. The Basilica will close at the end of the Holy Mass. During the prayer and the Mass, is not possibile to visit the Basilica or the Arca.
      Best regards


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